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From The Office Of The Senior Pastor:

Greetings In The Master’s Name! You are cordially invited to come and fellowship at the First Church of God of Rochester, NY. A Shining Light Celebration Center of Praise and Worship We are a church with a “soul winning ministry” that is going out and reaching out to expand our middle age, elderly, and to save the children. This includes educating the family of God, which includes our young people and holistically equipping each, along with the general congregation, to compete globally and training each believer to embrace the Jesus Way. We must find them, win them, train them and send them. Join us as we celebrate the God of our salvation (Jesus) in praise and worship. —– When You Come —– Come not as a spectator but as participator Please browse through our website to learn more about the First Church of God of Rochester, NY and how we connect with our community.

"If you take take care of God's business, God will take care of yours."

As I consider the work that God has done by providing more workers to serve in the vineyard, I realize more and more the true meaning of the Scripture "Except the Lord build the house, they that labor, labor in vain." God has blessed us with more "Servant Leaders" and we expect God to use those that are fully committed to "serve" in the FIRST CHURCH OF GOD Ministry and help (in multiple ways) through various forms of Evangelism as we "move forward expanding God's Kingdom -- "Keep on working on the building." As Nehemiah was "called" to work on "rebuilding the walls for the People of God", I too have been "called by God" and I am also responsible for rebuilding the walls at FIRST CHURCH OF GOD "holisticially" in the lives of God's People. We will have to "re-focus" and "tweak" some of our FCOG Ministries and make some adjustments in "leadership" to fortify our ministerial foundation as we "move forward" with the NUMBER ONE GOAL of "EXPANDING GOD'S KINGDOM." The FCOG PLAN is to "expand Spiritually and Physically". We CAN and WILL do this IF we STAY FOCUSED and "keep working on the Building."

Your "Servant-Leader" and Your Friend,

The Rev. Dr. Dwight Fowler,

Senior Pastor